Moving servers…

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Sorry for such an extended downtime.  I’ve been trying to move servers and consolidate some hosting accounts, and it’s taken much longer than I thought, especially since I’ve been fairly pre-0ccupied lately. I’m hoping to finish this weekend.  Then I’ll get back to some regular posting here. Thanks for the patients!  

Modigliani Quartet Review

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Had a fun night out yesterday.  Dinner and another installment of the UW world series of music.  Dinner was at our favorite Thai restaurant in the area.  I tried something new that was basically the Thai version of General Tso’s chicken, and it was quite tasty.  But enough of this, what about the music and [...]

A better week of practice (11 hours)

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This week was better for me time-wise in order to get some extra practice in.  The holiday on Monday certainly helped.  But the biggest thing that I’ve noticed is that I can really only increase my practice so much week over week.  It really is draining trying to keep everything in mind when I’m practicing.  [...]

Those breakthrough cello lessons

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Sometimes, you have those lessons where something just clicks in your head that hadn’t before.  Whether this is from your teacher doing something different to explain a concept or whether your mind is finally ready to understand what you’ve already been told a dozen times, sometimes things just start make sense. I think that I [...]

Cello practice log for the week starting Oct 26th…

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I’m going to start posting my practice logs here to show folks that I’m both dedicated and what type of improvement I’m seeing in my playing.  This portion was really the inspiration for the entire “Cello Time” blog as I want to keep track of how much time I’m putting into the Cello.  And yes, [...]

First year of cello complete…

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So I’ve got my first year of the cello done.  That right there is quite the remarkable feat for me.  Let me tell you why: I first picked up the intrument at the age of 35 Yes, I’m an adult beginner I have never played an instrument at all I have had no background in [...]